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Pube tenus mulier, succincta latrantibus infra
Monstrorum catulis, Scilla biformis erat.
Monstra pudantur[1] avarities, audacia, raptus,
At Scylla est nullus cui sit in ore pudor.

As far as the hips a woman, with barking monster-pups below, Scylla was two-shaped. The monsters are interpreted as avarice, audacity, plunder. But anyone whose face knows no shame is a Scylla.



Scylla hett ein zwigstalten Leib
Biß auff die Teuch was sie ein Weib
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [O5r f96r] Aber hinab ein wunderburt
Billend Hund nauff biß an den Gurt
Bey diesen Wunderthieren thut
Man verstohn Geitz, Raub und frechs Blut
Aber Scylla nur den macht kundt
Der kein Scham hat in seinem Mundt.


1.  Corrected on the basis of the misplaced, and incorrect note in the Errata.

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