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In garrulum & gulosum.

Against a noisy and gluttonous fellow

Voce boat torva, praelargo est gutture, rostrum
Instar habet nasi multiforisque[1] tubae.
Deformem rabulam, addictum ventrique gulaeque
Signabit, volucer cùm truo pictus erit.

It screams with a harsh cry, it has an enormous throat, a beak like a spout or a many-holed trumpet. The pelican bird, when painted, will indicate an ugly ranter, enslaved to lust and belly.

Das CLXVII [=166] .

Wider ein schwetzigen und fressigen.

Wann man den Vogel Sack gantz malt
So mit eim langen Halß ist gstalt
Und hat ein Esels gpler und gschrey
Ein Schnabel der geformiert sey
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [Q1r f108r] Wie ein Posaun oder Trommet
Ein Zungen Drescher bedeutet
Der darzu den Bauch und das Maul
Zu kröpffen und zfülln nicht ist faul.


1.  The errata suggest ‘multivorisque’, but this reading is not supported by other editions.

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    • Gluttony, Intemperance, 'Gula'; 'Gola', 'Ingordigia', 'Ingordigia overo Avidità', 'Voracità' (Ripa) ~ personification of one of the Seven Deadly Sins [11N35] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • audible means of communication of animal(s): roaring, crying, singing, etc. [25F(+49)] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • water-birds: pelican [25F36(PELICAN)] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • lawyer, attorney at law [44G16] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • Prolixity, Verbosity, Loquacity; 'Loquacità' (Ripa) (+ emblematical representation of concept) [52D4(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass
    • Intemperance, Immoderation (+ emblematical representation of concept) [54AA43(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass

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