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Dives indoctus.

The stupid rich man


Tranat aquas residens precioso in vellere Phrixus,
Et flavam impavidus per mare scandit ovem.
Ecquid id est? vir sensu hebeti, sed divite gaza,
Coniugis aut servi quem regit arbitrium.[1]

Phrixus traverses the waters astride the precious fleece and fearlessly rides the golden sheep across the sea. - Whatever can this be? - A man dull of sense, but with rich coffers, whom the whim of wife or servant rules.

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Riche ignorant.


Phrixus prochain de grand malheur,
Eust tost bon heur, ce dit Ovide.
Mouton a poil d’or de valeur,
Par la Mer seurement le guyde.
Riche homme de prudence vuyde,
Soubz aultruy tout son bien ordonne:
Car sa femme conduict sa bride,
Et son varlet conseil luy donne.


1.  For the story of Phrixus and the Golden Fleece see Ovid, Fastii 3.851ff.

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