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Que alfin alfin la Justicia vençe.

Ottava rhima.

Perdido avia el merecido escudo
De la falsa eloquencia Aiax vencido.
Mas el justo Neptuno tanto pudo
Que por las ondas de la mar traido
Vino a la tumba de Aiax, y aunque mudo
Diciendo va con un bravo ruido,
Aiax venciste. Passion y malicia
Al fin dan su lugar a la justicia.[1]


1.  This is a version of Anthologia graeca 9.115-6. See Homer, Odyssey 11.541ff. for the contest for ownership of the divine armour of the dead Achilles (i.e. Aeacus’ descendant), who had earlier killed Hector. The Greek assembly awarded the armour to smooth Odysseus (the Ithacan) rather than to brave Ajax (son of Telamon), and, according to later tradition, Ajax became mad with fury and humiliation. Returning to sanity he committed suicide in shame. See e.g. Ovid, Metamorphoses 13.1.ff; and [A49a137]. Ajax was buried on a promontory near Rhoeteion, not far from Troy.

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