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Que las cosas muy firmes no se pueden

Ottava rhima.

Aun qu’el Oceano se embravezca tanto
Que d’el furor rebiente conçevido
Haziendo con braveza a’l mundo espanto,
Y de ti sea Turco el Rhin[1] sorbido
No pasaras de raya el pie, por quanto
Tiempo traxere campo el invençido
Carlos,[2] que como enzina no se muda  [M]
Aunque la foja el viento la sacuda.

[Marginalia - link to text]Carlos Quinto. Emperador


1.  The Spanish implies that the Turks were threatening the Rhine. The Turks invaded along the Danube and reached Hungary, winning the battle of Mohacs in 1526. When Alciato was writing, they continued to threaten Vienna and Central Europe.

2.  Emperor Charles V led the campaign to recover the lost territory.

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