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La soverbia.

Ottava rhima.

Ves de una estatua estatua fabricada
Y de otro marmor un marmor sacado.
Esta es la Niobe[1] que ser comparada
Con la Latona quiso por su hado.[2]
Vicio es de la muger la levantada
Soverbia, y por la piedra es declarado
Ser la muger de tan duro sentido
Qual en la dura piedra es conosçido.


1.  According to the best-known story of her fate, Niobe was turned to stone. For the statue of Niobe by Praxiteles, see Ausonius, Epigrams, 63.2 and Anthologia Graeca, 16.130, a much translated epigram, which seems to have been in Alciato’s thoughts here.

2.  Niobe in her pride boasted that having 12 (or 14) children, she was superior to Lato with just two, i.e. Apollo and Diana. These gods in revenge slew all her children and in her grief Niobe hardened into a rock; see Ovid, Metamorphoses, 6.165ff. See further, Erasmus, Adagia, 2233, Niobes mala.

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