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Nec verbo nec facto quenquam

Injure no-one, either by word or deed.


Assequitur, Nemesisque virum vestigia servat,
Continet & cubitum, duraque fraena manu.
Ne mal quid facias, neve improba verba loquaris:
Et iubet in cunctis rebus adesse modum.[1]

Nemesis follows on and marks the tracks of men. In her hand she holds a measuring rod and harsh bridles. She bids you do nothing wrong, speak no wicked word, and commands that moderation be present in all things.


Nemesis Dea indignationis fingitur, ultrix
malitiae & superbiae. Idcirco virum undi-
que sequitur, altera manu cubitum reprimens,
altera ver, fraenum gerens, quo significare
vult non solm malefactis manuum absti-
nendum, ne proximus laedatur, verumetiam
linguam refraenandam esse, ut denique in o-
mnibus hominum factis dictisque aequus ob-
Link to an image of this page Link to an image of this page [b6v p28]servetur modus. De Nemesis imagine nomi-
nibus, & potestate scribit Crinitus lib. 19. cap. 6
de honesta disciplina.


1. This epigram is based on Anthologia graeca 16.223-4.

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