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Ni çera tras oydo.

Ottava rhima.

Aun este mal despues de tantos males
Para rehazer la chaça, nos restava?
Que la langosta nuestros sementales
Campos nos destruyesse hasta una hava.[1]
No fueron tan copiosos los reales
De Atylas ni de Xerxes,[2] qual bolava
La langosta del Euro acarreada.  [M]
Nuestra esperança en voto està trocada.

[Marginalia - link to text]D’el Solano viento.


1.  Referring to a plague of locusts in North Italy in 1541/2.

2.  Attila the Hun and Xerxes, King of Persia, were leaders who invaded the Roman Empire and Greece with vast armies in mid fifth century AD and 480 BC respectively. Xerxes’ invasion and Attila’s first invasion both came from the east.

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