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In parasitos.

Professional spongers

Quos tibi donamus, fluviales accipe cancros,
Munera conveniunt moribus ista tuis.
His oculi vigiles, & forfice plurimus ordo
Chelarum armatus, maximaque alvus adest.
Sic tibi propensus stat pingui abdomine venter,
Pernicesque pedes, spiculaque apta pedi.
Cm vagus in triviis, mensaeque sedilibus erras,
Inque alios mordax scommata salsa iacis.

Receive these river crabs which we present to you. These gifts match your character. They have watchful eyes, and a great row of claws armed with a pincer, and a huge gut is there. You too have a protruding belly with fat paunch, scuttling feet and sharp weapons on them, as you hang about the crossroads or move among the seats at table, and maliciously shoot your stinging, libellous witticisms.

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Contre les escornifleurs ou postulans
de repeues franches, quon dit
plaisans de table.

Des escrevisses je tenvoye,
Don propre aux facons & meurs que as:
yeulx tousjours ouvers par la voye,
Et grand ventre ou tout revocas:
Puis ce que chascun tu moquas,
Es lieux ou faiz de fol loffice:
Sont les piedz pinsantz sur maintz cas,
Ainsi vis tu en escrevisse.

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