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Illicitum non sperandum.

Do not hope for what is not allowed


Spes simul & Nemesis nostris altaribus adsunt.
Scilicet ut speres non nisi quod liceat.[1]

Hope and Retribution stand together beside the altar I have built, to ensure that you hope only for that which is allowed.


Stant simul in altaribus binae Deae Spes
scilicet & Nemesis, ideo qud haec ultrix est
praesertim illorum qui propter felicitatem su-
perbiunt, & spes immoderata non solm ve-
tet, sed etiam puniat. Admonens ut nihil speres
nisi quod lictum & honestum sit. De Nemesi
ver Rhamnusia cognominata pago Rha-
, in quo celebratissimum olim templum
habuit, deque eius origine, simulacro ac deni-
que contumeliosorum & elatae mentis homi-
num persecutione & punitione scribit Leo-
Link to an image of this page Link to an image of this page [i3r p133]nicus
de varia historia lib. 2. cap. 28. Erasmus
in proverbio Rhamnusia Nemesis.


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