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Non tibi sed Religioni.

Not for you but for religion


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Isidis effigiem tardus gestabat asellus,
Pando verenda dorso habens mysteria.
Obvius ergo Deam quisquis reverenter adorat,
Piasque genibus concipit flexis preces.
Ast asinus tantum praestari credit honorem
Sibi, & intumescit, admodum superbiens:
Donec eum flagris compescens, dixit agaso:
Non es Deus tu, aselle, sed Deum vehis.[1]

An ass with dragging feet was carrying an image of Isis, bearing reverend mysteries on its sagging back. So all who met him reverently offered worship to the goddess and recited pious prayers on bended knee. The ass however took it that all this honour was offered to himself, and began to swagger along swollen with pride - until his driver, reducing him with blows, said, ‘You are not god, my little ass, you are carrying god’.


1.  See Aesop, Fables 266; Erasmus, Adagia 1104, Asinus portans mysteria.

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