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Luxuriosorum opes.

The wealth of the dissipated.


Rupibus aeriis, summique crepidine saxi
Immites fructus ficus acerba parit:
Quos corvi comedunt, quos devorat improba cornix,
Qui nihil humanae commoditatis habent.
Sic fatuorum opibus parasiti, & scorta fruuntur,
Et nulla iustos utilitate iuvant.[1]

On towering cliffs, on the brink of the highest crag, the bitter fig-tree bears its sharp fruit. These the ravens eat, these the rascally crow devours, fruit that offers nothing of any good to man. Even so, parasites and whores enjoy the wealth of fools - decent persons get no benefit from it.


1.This is based on an idea in Anthologia Graeca, 12.185.

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