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Prudentes vino abstinent.

The wise abstain from wine

Quid me vexatis rami? sum Palladis arbor[1],
Auferte hinc botros, virgo fugit Bromium[2].

Branching vine, why do you trouble me? I am the tree of Pallas. Take your grapes away - this maiden shrinks from Bromius.

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Les prudens se abstiennent de vin.

Quand a moy ton ramage arrive,
Je men fasche, entends tu bien vigne:
Larbre de Pallas suis Lolive,
Qui me veulx rendre a vierge digne:
Laisse donc mon estat insigne,
Me ostant tes raisins & sarment.
Fille aymant de vertus la ligne,
Fuyt le vin, & vit sobrement.


1.‘the tree of Pallas’, i.e. the olive tree; ([A50a023]). Vines were often trained up trees for support; cf. ([A39a012]).

2.Bromius was a name for Bacchus, god of wine.

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