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Mutuum auxilium.

Mutual help


Loripedem sublatum humeris fert lumine captus,
Et socii haec oculis munera retribuit:
Quo caret alteruter, concors sic praestat uterque,
Mutuat hic oculos, mutuat ille pedes.[1]

A man deprived of sight carries on his shoulders one with deformed feet and offers this service in return for the use of his companion’s eyes. So each of them by mutual consent supplies what the other lacks. One borrows eyes, the other feet.

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Hilff umb hilff.


Sich was erdenckt menschliche not.
Ein blinder einen lamen fand,
Dem er einn solchen kauff anpot:
Ich wil dich tragen durch das land,
Doch wey▀ mich wo die weg hin gand,
Di▀ war der lam zu frid gar wol:
Hye merck wie unn▀ Got hat gebandt,
Das einr dem andern helffen sol.


1. áThis is based on Anthologia graeca 9.12.

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