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In formosam fato praereptam.[1]

On a beautiful woman, dead before her time


Cur puerum Mors ausa dolis es carpere amorem?
Tela tua ut iaceret, dum propria esse putat.

Death, why did you so audaciously and with evil intent steal from the boy Love? - So that he might shoot your weapons, thinking them his own?

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Das absterben einer schoenen


Dem knaben Cupido durch list
Der Tod sein pfeyl inn kocher legt,
So er schlief, und soelchs gar nit wißt.
Ein schoen jung weyb, wie er dann pflegt
Schoß er damit, das erß bewegt
In hitz der lieb, yrt sich gar weyt,
Dann man sy yetz inn kirchhoff tregt:
Also kumbt offt groß layd fur freyd.


1.  The iconography of the emblems ‘De morte et amore’ and ‘In formosam fato praereptam’ is confused in many editions.

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