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Que de las cosas altas nase la fama.

Ottava rhima.

Nunca los chicos pollos perecieran
A’l platano del ave confiados
Si del duro dragon vistos no fueran,
Digno pues los comio que transformados
Sus miembros marmor (como fu) se hizieran.
Chalcas dize esto ser los diez pasados
Aos de Troia, con cuya memoria
De su fama se har perpetua gloria.[1]


1. See Homer, Iliad 2.299ff. for this portent which occurred at Aulis, where the Greek fleet was waiting to sail for Troy. Calchas the seer interpreted the eating of the eight chicks and their mother, followed by the death of the snake, as foretelling the nine-year battle for Troy, followed by success.

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