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Que la prudençia se aumenta con el vino.[1]

Ottava rhima.

Pallas y Bacco aqueste altar divino
(Generaçion de Jupiter sabida)
Tienen. Aquel d’el muslo a’l mundo vino
Y esta de la cabeza fue nasçida.[2]
Pallas hallò la oliva, y Bacco el vino.
Con tal razon de aqui juntan su vida
Que quien d’el todo el vino de si alança
De la Diosa jamas favor alcança.


1.  This emblem uses material from Anthologia Graeca, 16.183, concerning a statue of Bacchus beside one of Pallas Athene.

2.  For the birth of Pallas Athene from the head of Jove and of Bacchus from his thigh, see emblems 1 ([A49a001]), and 67 ([A49a067]). Pallas is the virgin goddess, patroness of intellectual pursuits, who presented Athens with the gift of the olive tree. Bacchus discovered the vine during his wanderings about the earth and taught men its use. He also introduced various other features of civilisation.

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