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Que nos emos de guardar de las
malas mugeres.

Ottava rhima.

La Circe hija d’el Sol tan poderosa
Ser dizen, que ŕ mudar fuč sufficiente
La forma humana en otra prodigiosa.
Testigos son aquel Pico[1] excelente
Cavallerizo y Scylla monstruosa,[2]
Y los soldados del Griego eloquente.[3]  [M]
Circe es una ramera de gran fama,[4]
Y pierde la razon qualquier que la ama.

[Marginalia - link to text]Ulysses.


1.  Picus, an Italian king, a breeder of horses, turned into a woodpecker by Circe. See Ovid, Metamorphoses, 14.320ff.

2.  Scylla was transformed into a figure that was half girl, half barking dogs. See Ovid, Metamorphoses, 14.51ff. Cf. Emblem 200 ([A49a200]).

3.   See Homer, Odyssey, 10.229ff. for the story of Ulysses’ sailors (from the island of Ithaca), who were turned into pigs by Circe with a magic potion of wine.

4.  See Anthologia Graeca, 10.50 for this rationalisation of the Circe story.

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  • Reason versus Amorous Lust; 'Combattimento della ragione con l'appetito' (Ripa) (+ emblematical representation of concept) [52B513(+4)] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Scylla changed into a sea-monster: Circe, to whom Glaucus has applied for aid in his love suit, changes Scylla the sea-nymph into a sea-monster (Ovid, Metamorphoses XIV 59) (+ variant) [97EE3(+0)] Search | Browse Iconclass
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