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In facilč ą virtute desci-

Easily deflected from the right course

Parva velut limax spreto Remora impete venti,
Remorumque, ratem sistere sola potest.
Sic quosdam ingenio, & virtute ad sidera vectos,
Detinet in medio tramite, causa levis:
Anxia lis veluti est: vel qui meretricius ardor
Egregiis iuvenes sevocat ą studiis.[1]

Just as the little slug, the remora, scorning the impetus of wind and oars, can by itself stop a ship from moving, so some trivial reason holds back in mid-course people who through intellect and ability are on their way to the stars: for example, a worrying law-suit, or that desire for whores which entices young men away from their good studies.


1.  See [A51a020]. Cf. Erasmus, Parabolae pp.231, 253.

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