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Garder se faut des paillardes.

Tel pouvoir eut Circé fille au Soleil,
Qu’elle muoit l’homme en beste soubz l’oeil:
Tesmoin de Pic,[1] & de Scylla l’histoire,[2]
Et des Ithacz faitz pourceaux,[3] aprez boire:
Circé putain est en comparaison,[4]
Qui putain aime il pert sens, & raison.

Par les paillardes les hommes sont abestiz,
devenans luxurieux comme boucz, gourmans
comme pourceaux, envieux, & quereleux, com-
me chiens, paresseux comme asnes.


1.  Picus, an Italian king, a breeder of horses, turned into a woodpecker by Circe. See Ovid, Metamorphoses, 14.320ff

2.  Scylla was transformed into a figure that was half girl, half barking dogs. See Ovid, Metamorphoses, 14.51ff. Cf. Emblem 62 ([A58a062]).

3.  Ithacans: See Homer, Odyssey, 10.229ff. for the story of Ulysses’ sailors (from the island of Ithaca), who were turned into pigs by Circe with a magic potion of wine.

4.  See Anthologia Graeca, 10.50 for this rationalisation of the Circe story.

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