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Les inviolables du traict
de Cupido.


A’fin qu’amour ne te vincque, & te trompe,
Et ton esprit nulle femme corrompe
L’oyseau Bacchus mettras (si tu me crois)
Droit en un rond, tellement qu’une croix[1]
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Tel remede est contre tout art magicque.
Jason ne peut (en portant telles armes)
Estre vaincu par Medťe, & ses charmes.[2]

L’oyseau Bacchus est Bacul,
ou BellequeŁe, signifiant mou vement luxurieux, lequel ainsi
estendu en croix en une sphe
re, donne ŗ entendre qu’il fault:
(comme dit saint Paul) cruci-
fier ses concupiscences en ce monde.


1.These lines describe the rhombos, a device used in casting love-spells. The bird usually employed was a wryneck, associated with Bacchus, possibly because of its dappled markings. (Cf. the dappled fawns associated with the god.) The wagtail seems to have been confused with the wryneck in folk belief.

2.Jason was helped in the tasks imposed on him by the king of Phasis, by the sorceress Medea, daughter of the king. Instructed by Venus, Jason used the rhombos to cause Medea to fall in love with him and so use her spells to help, not harm, him. See Pindar, Pythian Odes 4.216ff.

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