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Fortune surmontant Vertu.

Quand Brut vincu veit Fortune faillie,
En sang civil undoyant Pharsalie:
Ja se voulant mettre l’espée au corps,
De voix hardie escrya telz recors:
Povre vertu en seulz dictz oportune,
Pourquoy suys tu es faictz dame Fortune?[1]

Brutus noble citoyen Rommain homme tresconstant, &
vertueux, apres avoir occis Jule Caesar, & soubzstenu
tant qu’il peut la liberte publique contre Octave Cesar, fina
lement se voyant du tout defaict avec sa partie, à la jour-
née de Pharsaille: ne voulut vif venir en la puissance de
son ennemy. Mais se tua luy mesme, avec le regret cy
Link to an image of this page  Link to an image of this page  [K2v p148]dessus escript, deplorant que es choses humaines For-
tune ha plus de puissance, & domination que vertu. Ce
que l’on veoit tous les jours advenir tellement que les
vertueux, sont subjectz aux bienfortunez.


1.  After the assassination of Julius Caesar, Brutus and Cassius became the leaders of the Republican cause. The Caesarean troops, led by Mark Antony and Octavian, Caesar’s heir, defeated them in 42 BC in two battles at Philippi in Macedonia. (Pharsalus in Thessaly was the site of the battle in 48 BC in which Julius Caesar had defeated Pompey in a previous round of the Civil Wars. Pharsalia is here loosely used, as in the Roman poets, to refer to both sites of similar civil conflict.) For Brutus’ suicide after the defeat, see the end of Plutarch’s Life of Brutus.

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