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In eum qui sibi ipsi damnum

One who brings about his own downfall

Capra lupum non sponte meo nunc ubere lacto,
Quòd malè pastoris provida cura iubet.[1]
Creverit ille simul, mea me post ubera pascet.
Improbitas nullo flectitur obsequio.[2]

I am a goat giving suck against my will - to a wolf. The improvident kindness of the shepherd makes me do this. Once the wolf has grown, after feeding at my teats, he will then eat me. Wickedness is never deterred by services rendered.

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Wider den der im selbst ein schaden

Ich arme Geiß muß wider mein willn
Ein jungen Wolff mit meiner Milch fülln
Also wil es der Hirt nur han
Denckt nit was schadn drauß werd entstan
Dann so er wirt auffwachsen zgleich
Wirt er mich zlon thon fressen leich
Dann boßheit kan mit keinr gutthat
Werden gwendt, gfült, gsettigt und sat.


1.  This is a translation of Anthologia graeca 9.47. For the content cf. Aesop, Fables 313-5.

2.  ‘Wickedness is never deterred by services rendered’. See Erasmus, Adagia 1086, Ale luporum catulos.

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