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In subitum terrorem.

Sudden terror

Effuso cernens fugientes agmine turmas,
Quis mea nunc inflat cornua, Faunus[1] ait.

Seeing the squadrons fleeing, their line in disarray, ‘Who now’, said Faunus, ‘is sounding my trumpets?’

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De subite frayeur.

Quant Pan parmy les bois cornoit,
Il faisoit bruit en telle sorte,
Que tous les Tytans estonnoit:
Et fasoit fuyr par cohorte.
De quoy il prenoit gloire forte:
Disant dorgueil & cueur enfle:
Qui est ce qui tel paour & bruit porte?
Qui est ce qui a ainsi souffle?


1. Faunus is here equated with Pan, the half-goat rustic god ([FALb091]), accredited with the invention of the horn or military trumpet, and responsible for unexplained ‘panic’ terrors seizing man and beast, especially on the battle-field and in wild lonely places. See Erasmus, Adagia 2603, Panicus casus.

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