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Contr’Amour, ou Amour de Vertu sur-
montant l’aultre Cupidon.

NEMESE Amour feit, à Amour contraire
Arc, Feu domptant, d’arc, & Feu.[1] Pour luy faire
Souffrir ses faictz. Luy jadis triumphant,
Armes portoit. Ores pleure en enfant
Ard en soy mesme, & (d’ond l’on s’esbahit)
Feu brusle Feu. Amour l’amour hayt.

Ung plaisir faict oblier l ’aultre, Parquoy qui veult
dompter l’amour charnel: concoive en soy une aul-
tre Amour caelestiel des choses divines, & aeternelles,
Ars, Sciences, & Vertus.


1.  This is a translation of Anthologia graeca 16.251. The punishment of Cupid (Amor) for the hurt he inflicts on men is a common theme in Hellenistic Greek poetry and art. This punishment is often carried out by Nemesis, goddess of retribution. Cupid’s arrows and torch are taken from him and destroyed, and he himself is bound, beaten, burned, and pricked with his own arrows.

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