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Epigramme de Albice Alciat, l’admonne-
stant de se retraire des tumultes Italic-
ques, & de lire en France, en-
voy avec un praesant de
pommes perses, ou

De ce fruyct l’arbre estrange par avant
A nostre ciel, vint de Perse au levant:
En son pays nuysible, par transport
Est faict meilleur, de doulx fruyct faict raport,
Link to an image of this page Link to an image of this page [L7r p173]Fueille la langue, & pomme au coeur semblable,
Ta vie ainsi (Alciat) fay louable:
Hors de ton lieu seras en plus grand pris:[2]
Tu es en coeur, & langue, & langue bien appris.

La Pomme Persicque, dicte Pesche est
veneneuse en Perse, en nostre pays, par
transport est moins nuysible, & delecta-
ble au manger. Ainsi les hommes (mes-
mement les savans) valent mieulx d’e-
stre depaysz, & sont en plus grande
aestime vers les strangiers. Car nul
prophete en son pays.


1. This person has been identified as Aurelius Albutius, lawyer, scholar and poet, like Alciato originally from Milan. On the question of the genuineness of this ascription and a suggested date for the epigram preceding Alciato’s first removal to France in 1518, see J. Khler, Der ‘Emblematum liber’ von Andreas Alciatus (1492-1550) (Hildesheim: August Lax, 1986).

2. ‘Far from your own country’. Alciato had two periods in France. He was lecturing on Civil Law in Avignon from 1518-1522, then returned to Milan. He again took up his teaching post in Avignon in 1527, and then removed to Bourges, where he remained until his return to Italy (Pavia) in 1533. The ‘troubles’ mentioned could be political (there was much fighting and tumult in N. Italy), or could refer to the wrangling between rival schools of academic lawyers during Alciato’s youth.

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