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Potentia Amoris.

The power of Love


Nudus Amor viden’ ut ridet placidumque tuetur?
Nec faculas, nec quae cornua flectat habet.[1]
Altera sed manuum flores gerit, altera piscem,
Scilicet ut terrae iura det atque mari.

Do you see how Love, all naked, smiles, do you see his gentle glance? He has no torches, nor a bow to bend, but in one of his hands he holds flowers, in the other a fish, to impose his rule, of course, on land and sea.

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La puissance d’Amour.


Cupido ne tient plus de flesches,
D’arc, ny feu, dont maintz a pugny:
Ains ou lieu de ses arc, traictz, mesches,
D’une main s’est de fleurs garny:
En l‘autre est de poissons muny,
Non de instrumens, faisans aymer,
Car il publie pour vray, sans ny,
Qu’il est maistre en terre, & en mer.


1.  These were traditional attributes of Cupid (Love). See [A42a081] and [A42a097].

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