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In eum qui sibi ipsi[1] damnum

One who brings about his own downfall

Capra lupum non sponte meo nunc ubere lacto,
Quod mal pastoris provida cura iubet.[2]
Creverit ille simul, mea me post ubera pascet,
Inprobitas nullo flectitur obsequio.[3]

I am a goat giving suck against my will - to a wolf. The improvident kindness of the shepherd makes me do this. Once the wolf has grown, after feeding at my teats, he will then eat me. Wickedness is never deterred by services rendered.

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A ceulx qui saprestent dommage.

Voyez moy povre & simple chievre,
Qui laisse ung loup mon pis teter.
Jen suis dolente, & pis que en fievre.
Car mal men sentiray traicter.
Mon maistre deust bien regretter
Cest acte: sil fust lhomme expert:
Veu quon dit yver & este,
Que en tous meschans plaisir se perd.


1. Textual variant: ipsi omitted.

2. This is a translation of Anthologia graeca 9.47. For the content cf. Aesop, Fables 313-5.

3. ‘Wickedness is never deterred by services rendered’. See Erasmus, Adagia 1086, Ale luporum catulos.

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