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Chiron Naturae cur fingitur esse biformis,
Anterioris Homo, posterioris Equus?
Contentˇque arcu volucrem torquere sagittam:
Ardua stelligeri qua petit astra Poli?
An quia forma hominis ratio sit propria? Bruti
Quadrupedis, proprium sit labor officium?
Ut quisquis studio aut opera contendit ad alta:
Huic sit cuniunctus cum ratione labor.

Why is Chiron drawn with a double nature - the foreparts Man, the afterparts a Horse - and shooting with drawn bow a flying arrow, with which he takes aim at the distant lights of the starry pole? Not, perhaps, because reason is the proper form of man, while labour is the proper duty of brute quadrupeds? Therefore, he who aims in spirit or work for high things - his labour and reason are connected.

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