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Cur stat Athenarum Pallas super arce suarum?
Cur venit & penna praepete Mercurius?
Cur magicae portas aperit molimine virgae?
Et faciles aditus (quò velit ire) parat?
Cur sedet ante fores prohibens intrare puella?
Quae livore nigro facta repentè lapis?
An quia Socratica est sententia: in urbibus esse
Unde queas aliquid discere: rure nihil?
An quia ubi regnat Sapientia mox volat illuc
Facundi ille lepos Atticus eloquii?
Qui sophiae referat portas. & cui venienti
Obstans: muta stupet, ceu lapis, invidia.

Why does Pallas stand atop the citadel of her own Athens? Why is Mercury, too, coming with speedy wing? Why does he open the doors by virtue of his magic wand, and give easy access, wherever he should wish to go? Why does a girl sit in front of the doors, stopping all from entering? What stone is this made suddenly by black malice? Is it not because there is a Socratic proverb, that the only place you learn anything is the city: the country has nothing for you? Is it not because wherever Wisdom reigns, there that Attic charm of easy speech, too, swiftly flies? Who shuts the door of wisdom and blocks the way of him who would come? She’s Envy, dumb and staring as a stone.

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