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Magnifica medius sedet altŔ dives in aula.
Circunstant varii quattuor hunc famuli.
Unus habet veris flores. Fructus gerit alter
Aestatis, cornu divite suppeditans.
Porrigit in calatho maturas Tertius uvas.
Multiplicem vestem denique quartus habet.
At stat pro foribus mendicus Homuncio: panem
In lacera, gestu supplice, veste rogans.
Scilicet id signum, quod agentibus otia tut˛
Commoda tempora sunt omnia divitibus.
At contra signum, quod mendicantibus: omni
Tempore, deficiunt omnia Pauperibus.

In a magnificent hall a wealthy man sits on a high throne, and four servants, each of a different kind, stand round him. One holds spring flowers. The other bears summer fruits, serving them from a rich horn. The third extends ripe grapes in a basket; while the fourth has a coat of many layers. But there before his gate stands a beggar, a little man, asking for bread in a torn tunic with a suppliant’s gesture. THIS, THEN, is a token that proves that for the wealthy, living lives of secure ease, all times are good times; but also a sign that for poor beggars everything is always lacking.

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