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Conscius offensarum, animusque suipsius ultor.
Vivit in invita: vita [=vitam] cm vivere nolit.
Cmque mori exoptet: sua mortis vulnera sentit.
Nec tamen emoritur: sed fert sua tormina[1] secum.
Carnificmque sui cm seipsum sentiat: se
Vellet abesse quidem. Sed adest, ac usque rotatur
Ut miser Ixion.[2] & se sequitrque, fugitque.

The man with a bad conscience and the soul that is its own avenger lives a life unwilling; for he doesn’t desire to live. If he should wish to die, he feels his own death-wounds. Nor does he die, but bears his torments with him; and since he feels he’s hangman to himself, he longs for freedom from the same. But he remains, and is borne everywhere on his wheel like poor Ixion: he pursues and flees himself.


1. Clearly tormenta is what’s called for, but it can’t be made to fit the metre.

2. Ixion: Father of the centaurs; boasted too much, and Zeus affixed him forever to a wheel.

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