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En dea saeva nimis fastu, cultuque superbo,
Quae famulam manibus imperiosa ferit.
Ad cuius prostrata pedes, mutatur in ursam
Virgo: cui fuerat libera forma prius.[1]
Picta Magistrorum tali est eicone Tyrannis
Quae puerūm Naturam efferat ingenuam.
Liberiore prius fuerant ut qui indole nati
Supprimat abiectos, cogat & esse feros.

Here is a goddess, much too cruel in her disdain and proud in dress: she strikes a servant girl imperiously with her hands. The virgin sprawled at her feet is being transformed into a bear: once, however, she had a noble form. This image represents the tyranny of schoolmasters, which turns boys’ noble nature to savagery, forcing those born with a free man’s character down to the ground, oppressing them and forcing them to become savages.


1.  This emblem refers to the story of Callisto. The goddess could be either Juno or Diana (Artemis) who turned the nymph into a bear, enraged by her pregnant state (by Jupiter). The youth in the background of the woodcut is Arcas, the product of this illicit pregnancy, who almost killed his mother, but was instead transformed with her into the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

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