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Fistula dulce canit volucrem dum decipit Auceps
At loquitur blando dulci¨s ore Colax.[1]
Sic hecatophtalmon sopivit cantibus Argum
Blandula suaviloqui tibia Mercurii.
Nemo ade˛ vigil est cui non imponere possit
Dulcis adulator nomine amicitiae.

The pipe sings sweetly as the bird-catcher deceives the birds; but Colax speaks more seductively with his fawning mouth. Just like this, the fawning little flute of sweet-speaking Mercury put hundred-eyed Argos to sleep. No one is so much on his guard that the charming flatterer can’t trick him with the pretence of friendship.


1. áColax: The Flatterer (Gk.), the title of comedies by Menander, Noevius and Plautus.

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