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Quid sibi vult hasta quod cum virtute vibrata
Invidiae reserat Diva Minerva fores?
An quia nulla sine est odii sapientia zelo?
Livorķque aperit gloria digna viam?

What does it mean that the Goddess Minerva with bravely-wielded spear locks up the doors of Envy? Is it because there is no wisdom without envious hatred? Deserved glory opens the way to green jealousy.

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  • Honour, Glory; 'Ampiezza della Gloria', 'Gloria', 'Gloria de prencipi', 'Gloria & Honore', 'Honore', 'Sublimatą della Gloria' (Ripa) [59B31] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Jealousy; 'Gelosia', 'Rammarico del ben'altrui' (Ripa) [57AA76] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Virtuousness; 'Amor di Virtł', 'Attione virtuosa', 'Guida sicura de' veri honori', 'Virtł', 'Virtł insuperabile' (Ripa) [57A6] Search | Browse Iconclass
  • Wisdom; 'Sapienza', 'Sapienza humana', 'Sapienza vera' (Ripa) [52A51] Search | Browse Iconclass

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