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Ars gemina est belli vel vi, vel fraude gerendi:
Ut victore hostis victus ab hoste cadat.
Tecta quasi vulpis fraus. vis quasi aperta Leonis,
Sit dolus an virtus sed quis in hoste roget?
Ergo Aquilae valeant, Lupi, & Ursi. Minotauri
Vexillis. vulpes & leo signa sient.

The art of making war is twin, with force or guile; so that the defeated enemy should fall victim to his victorious foe.* Guile is hidden like the fox’s. Force is open like the lion’s. But who would ask of his enemy whether there is force or guile? So let the eagles, wolves, bears and Minotaurs on our banners fare well. Let the fox and the lion be our devices.
* Untranslatable play on the passive and active senses of the verb vincere.

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