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Nascitur ut solida frondosus ab arbore ramus,
Quam virgo impacti roboris intus alit.
Sublimi & pulchros fundens cum palmite fructus:
In spacium se effert arduus aërium.
Sic pulchram exurgens ostentat foemina prolem
Terrigenae è costis facta virago viri.[1]
Et sterilem foecunda facit de prole parentem
Stante tamen vitam robore cuius habet.
Partibus adversis sed constat uterque duabus.
Iuncta & hypostasis est corporis, ac animi.
Igneus est animis vigor, & coelestis origo:
Corpora de terrae sunt generata luto.
Hinc & corpus humi firmis radicibus haret.
Ad coelum adspirat spiritus Empyreum.

She is born like a branch from a tough old tree, the virgin fed within the dense oak-wood, and pouring out lovely fruits like a high-grown branch she raises herself tall into the windy spaces. Just so does the girl born from the ribs of an earth-dwelling man show forth lovely children. And she, fertile, makes from the child a sterile parent, while the oaken strength it still stands whose life she has. But each is composed of opposed parts, and the hypostasis of body and soul is linked. The soul’s life-force is fiery and heavenly its origin; and bodies are born from earthly mud. Hence the body clings on the ground with fixed roots, and the spirit longs for the Empyrean heaven.


1.  It is inferred that this reference is to Adam and Eve.

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