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Eruat [=Eruat] ipse oculos sibi clarius ut videat quis:
Desipiet. Fecit Democritus sapiens.
Democritus Sapiens Medico vel iudice Coo.[1]
Caeca die cui adstat Noctua[2] nocte videns.
Admonet hoc magnis quod posteā rebus agendis
Nox habet arcanum provida consilium.

A: “Pluck our your eyes if you want to see clearly” B: “You’re crazy!” A: “Democritus did it, whom the Cean doctor thought was wise; by whom the owl who sees at night stood in broad daylight.” This is a warning that provident night has secret advice for later great deeds.


1.  Hippocrates of Cos (adj. Cean), the most famous physician of antiquity, supposedly came to cure the mad Democritus.

2.  The Little Owl (noctua) is Minerva’s bird, and hence a symbol of wisdom.

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