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Saxosi montes sidunt gravitate déorsum
Quos Natura suprà scandere posse vetat.
Attamen hos super impositos struxisse Gigantas.
In coelúmque viam vi petiisse ferunt.
Ut raperent superûm regnum coeleste Deorum,
Qui varia in forma corripuere fugam.
Ecquid id est aliud, quàm quos Natura vel ipsa
Dictat ab effectis, velle negare Deos?
Et contra genium sese obfirmare potentem,
Qui fugiens variis ludit imaginibus.
Optima Dux rerum semper Natura sequenda.
Quae ratione animis dictat honesta bonis.
Namque reluctari Naturae, est more Gigantum
Bellare: & temerè πρὸς θὲον ἀντιμαχεῖν.

Stony mountains from above sink down under their weight, and Nature forbids that anyone should scale them. But they say the Giants piled them high and sought a path to the sky with violence to seize the heavenly kingdom of the high gods, who fled away in many different shapes. Is it then any different if one were to try to deny the gods whom Nature herself proclaims through her processes, and to turn the powerful spirit against himself, that, fleeing, plays with different forms. One should always follow Nature, best of leaders, who proclaims ethical truth with reason to good souls. For to struggle with Nature is to make war in the manner of Giants, and to fight against god precipitously.

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