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Tale Gigantaeum legitur genus: ut nihil altum
Cogitet. at spernat, vel neget esse Deum:
Et tantum quantum sensu exteriore movetur:
Commodat ad praesens se, vel ad id quod adest.
Hoc genus Anguipedum.[1] Mythici finxere PoŽtae.
Quorum affectus humi (segnis ad alta) repat.

We read the Giants’ race is of the kind that thinks no high thoughts and despises God or denies him, and is moved if at all by the outer senses, fitting itself to what’s at hand or what is present. This is the race of the Snakefeet, which mythical poets invented, whose senses crawl on the earth, for they are lazy for higher things.


1.Anguipedum: a divinity often found on magical amulets from the Greco-Roman period, depicted as a creature with a cock’s head and snakes for legs, symbolism thought to be of Persian origin.

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