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Umbra suum corpus radianti in lumine solis
Cm sequitur refugit: cm fugit insequitur.
Sic sunt Naturae tales muliebris Amores
Optet amans, nolunt: non velit, ultr volunt.

As the shadow that follows its body through the sun’s radiant light flees as it follows and follows as it flees, so also are the loves of womankind. If you want it, they don’t; if you don’t, they don’t need asking.

Phoebum virgo fugit Daphne inviolata sequentem.[1]

The virgin Daphne flees inviolate from Apollo her pursuer.

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Echo Narcissum dum fugit insequitur.
Ergo voluntati plerumque adversare pugnans
Foemina, iure sui dicitur umbra viri.

Echo pursues Narcissus as he flees. THEREFORE, woman, who most often resists our will, is rightly called man’s shadow.


1. 49b uses the same image as 38b ([FANa038])

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