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In volucres aquilas, in vulturiķsve rapaces,
Diversae aut alias conditionis aves.
Cristati nunquam committunt praelia galli,
Pro praeda, aut generis nobilitate sui.
At pro Gallinis victoriae amore salaces
In Gallos Galli bella cruenta movent.
In genus atque suum sunt acres. caetera molles.
Solo utinam similes nomine, Gens, & avis.[1]

Crested* cocks never join battle for prey or the nobility of their race with eagles or hungry vultures, or other birds of various kinds, but rather for the hens, sexed with the love of victory, cock wages bloody battle against cock. For they are hard on their own kind, but otherwise soft creatures. Grant that the people and the bird had only their name in common!
* cristatus is a reference to the feathered crest of the epic warrior.


1.  Play on Gallus, ‘Frenchman’, and gallus, ‘cock’. Here Aneau is clearly lamenting the recent trend of his countrymen (the French) to tear themselves apart over religion, though by 1552 (the publication date of Aneau’s work) the worst was yet to come.

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