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Tyrannici Satellites,
Qui serviunt libidini,
Necnon alendo luxui
Tyranni agentis otia,
Vorantísque gentem suam
In regia proterviae.
Et qui ministrant fomitem
Libidinis pecuniam.
Dolo, rapinis, caedibus,
Et opprimendo subditos
Innoxios, & simplices,
Oves velut deglubiles.
Nae illi rapaces sunt Lupi?
Crudeliores vel lupis!
O quantum homo nocet homini!
O veritas proverbii.
Ἄνθροπος [=Ἄνθρωπος] ἀνθρώπου λύκος

The henchman of a dictator who serves the lust and luxury (by feeding it) of the tyrant who lives in leisure, and who swallows the people whole in his palace of wantonness, They minister to him with money, lust’s kindling, with treachery, rapine, and killing, and by oppressing the underling, the innocents and simple men who live like sheep flayed and without their skins. Are these not rapacious wolves, or crueler than wolves by far? O HOW MUCH HARM MAN DOES TO MAN! How true it is, the old proverb: Man’s wolf to man.

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