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Cum iove pro votis Semele est congressa rogatis
Maiestate tonans qua solet esse Deus.[1]
Non tulit aetherios corpus mortale, tumultus.
Et periit votis ambitiosa suis.
Congressus movet id fugiendos esse potentum,
Qui tandem perdunt: quos sibi consociant.
Ergo potestatis fugito consortia magnae,
Téque (alicui si vis iungere) iunge pari.

Semele, for her prayers, rutted with Jove in his real form, as a God thundering with majesty. Her mortal body could not withstand the shock of heaven and she died ambitious by her own prayers. This story warns you to avoid contact with the powerful, who destroy those with whom they associate. Flee, then, the company of great power and join yourself (if you must) to someone your own size.


1.  The end result was Bacchus.

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