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Innumerabilium seclorum millia fertur
Vivere Arabs Phoenix unica semper avis.
Ex se ipsa nascens, ex se reparabilis ales.
Quae exoriens moritur: quae moriens oritur.
Nam dum deficiens solis se torruit igni:
Nascitur č flammis mox rediviva suis.
Credimus? An vanum reputamus quod peregrina
Dicere libertas audet in historia?
Credimus. Et certč est volucris sub imagine, vivens
Aeternům Phoenix unicus ipse Deus.
Ŕ se principium capiens resolutus & in se.
Semper & exoriens luminis igne sui.

They say that the Phoenix of Arabia, alone of all birds, lives innumerable thousands of years; born from herself, the restorable bird, she dies being born, and dying is reborn; for as the setting sun licks her with its fire she is born and remade from her flames. Do we believe this? Or do we think what foreign licence dares speak in the tale is empty myth? We believe it. And surely, beneath the image of the bird, is the Phoenix himself, the One God who lives eternally, who takes his beginning from himself and dissolves into himself and is always rising by the fire of his own radiance.

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