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Unum pro multis dandum caput: atque salutem
Multorum in fatis unius esse viri
Fratribus occisis ostendit Horatius. unus
Tergeminos fratres vincere qui potuit.
Cuius pro tota unius victoria gente,
Romano Albanum subdidit imperio.
Exemplumque dedit caesa lachrymante sorore:
Qum diversus amor sanguinis, & patriae.[1]

One head must be sacrificed for the many, and on the fates of one man depends the well-being of many. So Horatius showed when his brothers we dead, who was able alone to conquer three brothers. This victory of one man for many subjected the Albans to Roman rule. And he made an example by killing his weeping sister, to show how different is love of blood from love of country.


1. For the story of the Horatii and the Curiatii, two sets of triplets who fought for the supremacy of Rome over Alba Longa, see Livy, Ab urbe condita, 1.24.1ff.

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