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Tempore quae gignit foetus, ac lactat eodem
Bestia prolis amans, est Lepus Αμφιγένης
Dmque superfoetat: parit, & coit, ac alit un,
Nec patitur vacuum seminis esse uterum.[1]
Exemplum, qui rem profundit, ut augeat idem.
Dum facit & sumptus, sic quoque lucra paret.
Nec penitus loculos unquam patiatur inanes,
Sed quaestu expensas uberiore levet.[2]

In the birthing-time of year, when animals lactate for love of their offspring, the hare is of doubtful gender: while she conceives a second litter atop the first, she gives birth, mates, and feeds her young all at once, and won’t allow her womb to be empty of seed. AN EXAMPLE, this, to him who spends: let him also make his wealth grow, and while he pours out his money, let him also make a profit. Nor whould he let his coffers fall empty, but let him lighten his expenses with a richer flow of income.


1. On the prodigious breeding powers of rabbits, see Pliny, Natural History 10.63.179.

2. A play on two senses of uber, ‘milky’ (cf. ubera: ‘breasts’) and ‘abundant’.

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