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Hog [=Hoc] altare tenent mater Venus, atque Cupido
Filius, ardenti cum face tela gerens.
Adstat Olor sua fata gemens, geminque columbi.
Iungere qui insertis oribus ora parant.
Haec est effigies depicta libidinis, ut quae
Ardet in affectu, vulnus, & intus alit
Accedens propius, mox oscula iungere gestit,
Suaviat, & Veneris denique rem peragit.
Post factum fecisse piget. cmque acceleratum
Aut senium, aut lethum sentiat esse: gemit.
Ergo libidinei mysteria monstrat Amoris
Singula in hac ara quae stat imago sacra.
Affectum, vulnus penetrans cor, & oscula, tactum.
Et factum, sequitur quod metanoea gemens.

This is the altar of mother Venus and Cupid her son, who goes armed and with his flaming torch. Nearby stand the swan, who mourns her fate, and twin doves who are about to kiss and join beak with beak. This is a printed effigy of lust, which burns in the body, and feeds an inner wound, and, coming closer, makes them join their lips, kiss, and finally carry out the deed of Venus. After the act, the shame: and when it feels old age or death coming faster, it groans. THEREFORE the image that stands on this holy altar picture reveals each mystery of love: desire, a wound that penetrates the body, kisses, and touch, and the deed, followed itself by groaning shame.

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