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Hommes cruelz à sang humain espandre,
On a cogneu souvent telle fin prendre:
D’estre mangez par les poux. De cela
Exemples sont Herodes,[1] & Scylla,[2]
Que mangez ont les poux, & vers minans
Par tous conduictz de leurs corps verminans.
Pour demonstrer que ceulx qui ont leurs cueurs
Saoulé du sang, & mort d’hommes plusieurs:
Ayent leurs cueurs mangez, rongez, pourriz
Par ceux qui sont du sang, nez, & nourriz.[3]


1.  Herod Agrippa I, King of Judea, grandson of Herod the Great; frequently known just as Herod (as in the Bible); died eaten by worms in 44 AD.

2.  The great Roman dictator Sulla was said to be plagued by Pediculosis, similarly being devoured by parasites (lice). Sulla was not, therefore, particularly happy (foelix), as Aneau’s text implies, but this was his agnomen, Felix - the fortunate - attained later in his life due to his skill and luck as a general.

3.  The idea being apparently a reference to the notion that worms and other vermin are born spontaneously from the decaying corpses of dead animals.

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