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Ce mot du Ciel descendu, Deificque,
Cognoy Toy mesme, est aut temple Delphicque.
Auquel, ainsi que du Ciel il procede:
Du Dieu Phebus tout autre Oracle excede.
Car Qu’st [=Qu’est] il dict en parolle, ou sentence
A plus briefz motz: & plus grande substance?
Retourne donc (O Fille Sunamite,[2])
Et te cognoy, & en toy te limite.
Sans te cognoistre, en beste tu vivras:
Et le tropeau comme vache suyvras.


1. аImage used is the same as Aneau Emblem 33 ([FANb033])

2. аThis reference is unclear: the Shunammite (or Sunamite) woman was a rich widow from Shunem (northern Palestine), who welcomed Elisha into her home, and he later restored her son’s life (2 Kings, 4:8-37). She is a symbol of hospitality and not very relevant here. The name is also applied to two other women in the Bible, to Abishag, the young woman brought to court to soothe King David in his final days (1 Kings 1:3, 15; 2:17-22), and the Shulamite (Shunem is also spelled Shulam or Solam), the woman sought and lost by King Solomon (Song of Solomon, 6:10-13). Some traditions interpret this passage as the woman deciding her own fate and returning to her shepherd lover (perhaps even to David...a shepherd), thus placing her within the sphere of ‘knowing herself’, and being part of a ‘flock’...but this seems a bit obscure.

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